SINOCARE Safe AQ max III Blood Glucose Meter Set


This product has the advantages of being exquisite, lightweight, and easy to use. Carry this blood glucose testing kit anywhere and test your blood sugar easily, even while you are on the go.

Tip: It is important to test your blood glucose regularly; prevention is better than cure.

Sinocare SafeAQ Max III Blood Glucose Monitor Sugar Test Kit with Test Strips Free x 50 & Painless Lancets x 50 & Case for Diabetics - in mmol/L

Blood Glucose Testing Kit contains:
- 1x Sinocare Blood Glucose Monitor Safe AQ Max III
- 50x Test Strips
- 50x Lancets
- 1x Painless Lancing Device
- 1x Case & User manual.
- AAA Akaline Batteries x 2

- High performance
- Affordable
- Low price
- Full feature
- Suitable for long-term use
- No coding test strips
- Only 10s testing time
- 0.6 micro liters blood sample volume