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Founder - Liu Be Hwai  
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Graduated from Monash University Melbourne Australia, where he was exposed to a diverse range of pharmaceutical disciplines, from clinical pharmacology to pharmaceutical compounding. This solid educational foundation prepared him for the challenging yet rewarding journey of entrepreneurship especially in the retail pharmacy.  

He has more than 25 years of experience in retail pharmacy including 8.5 years as a pharmacist and owner of a reputable pharmacy in Australia under AMCAL marketing group before returning to his homeland in Sibu. Had won as a finalist of the Australia Pharmacy in one of the years.  

These local and overseas experiences as community pharmacist allowed him to witness firsthand the significance of providing personalized care to patients, tailoring solutions to their unique needs, and fostering trust between healthcare professionals and the community.  

Desire to bless fellow co-workers with a sustainable financial income and a healthy enjoyable life.  

Together with a dedicated team of pharmacists, technicians, and supportive staff, we are determined to make Joy & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd, Peace & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and Hope & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd the preferred destination for all pharmaceutical and health-related needs. We are on a mission to create a healthier and happier community, one step at a time.  

Started 3 pharmacy outlets in Sibu since 2006.  



Specialized Services in issuance of Medicine Chest Certificate:  


  • Joy & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd is a company approved by the Director of Marine to carry out a physical inspection of ships for issuance of the MEDICINE CHEST CERTIFICATE in accordance with the Rules and Standards.  
  • Joy & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd engages a reputable Marine Consultancy who can provide theory and practical training with regards to International Medical Guide for Ships (IMGS) medicine dispensing/usage of medical equipment/attending emergency/IMGS compliance. The company also offers service and facility to dispose of medicines and equipments as per Department of environment.  
  • Joy & Health Pharmacy Sdn Bhd is much honored to serve on behalf of Jabatan Laut Malaysia to all ships, registered under Malaysian Flag or Non Malaysian Flag operating in Malaysian Waters, fulfilling the need of carrying necessary medicines, medical equipments, medical information and expertise to promote and protect the health of seafarers.  
  • To provide best quality pharmaceutical care with complete & confidential services regardless of age, race, economy, with professional staffs.
  • To serve customers with quality medicines at affordable prices by the continuously upgrading technology and knowledge for their health and wellness.
  • To provide more personalised patient-centered care, and provide professional support to patients and the public.
  • To improve customer health not only through just medication, but also through lifestyle modification and supplement , in order to achieve synergism.
  • To become the trusted, valued, quality service leading pharmacy in the LOCAL COMMUNITY.
  • To improve healthcare quality and outcomes through educating future pharmacists during training and customers during service with love and caring attitude by installing value of health prioritising.
  • To discover, develop and trade safe effective and suitable pharmaceutical products and services to prevent, alleviate, cure disease and their problems in both retail and wholesale markets.
  • To minimise misuse of medication and supplement.
  • To liase healthcare services with public local health community.


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Liu Be Hwai

Liu Be Hwai

Chief Executive Officer